Things to do in Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is a stunning stretch of coral sands on the western end of Grand Cayman. It received the title of “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” in 2015 from Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. 

At 6 miles long (not actually seven…) there is truly space for everyone to relax in their own private space. The beach is also totally public, meaning that you can walk its length from sunrise to sunset. 

With this guide, we have put together a list of our favorite Seven Mile Beach activities. Please get in touch with us for more travel tips. Here at Rum Point Club, we always want our visitors to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime in Grand Cayman, and we hope that our beloved local bar can be part of your next vacation! 

1. Swim in Seven Mile Beach’s crystal-clear waters

Seven Mile Beach is an ideal place for swimming, with clear, shallow waters that are particularly welcoming for children and less confident swimmers. Several sections have lifeguards on duty, and safe swimming spaces are clearly demarcated. 

The waters around the beach are also generally free from rip currents and jellyfish, but it’s good advice to ask fellow swimmers on the beach if they’ve noticed anything unusual.

A woman's feet in the clear water of the ocean.

2. Snorkeling and diving off Seven Mile Beach

The waters around Seven Mile Beach have several fantastic snorkeling spots accessible by boat from the beach. At Cemetery Reef, Cheeseburger Reef, and Wreck of the Cali, you will spot sergeant majors, parrotfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, sea turtles, and stingrays. 

The sergeant major fish got its name from their highly disciplined schools, often led by a dominant male. By contrast, the angelfish keeps to smaller groups and its name references its elongated fins that resemble angelic wings.

Grab your snorkeling equipment from Red Sail Cayman’s snorkel equipment rental collection. They also run top-quality Grand Cayman scuba diving excursions and training. 

Some of the most unique dive spots are around the Cayman Wall; a dramatic, naturally formed underwater drop to over 2,000 feet. From Seven Mile Beach, you can dive both the West Wall and the North Wall. This is some of the best diving in the entire Cayman Islands.

Two people snorkel near a coral reef in Grand Cayman with rental equipment.

3. Rent a Seven Mile Beach paddleboard

Since ancient times, humans have practiced forms of Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), but its modern form originated in Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach. The legendary surfer, Laird Hamilton popularised the SUP in the early 2000s, and it is now a super-popular activity in Grand Cayman.

Rent a paddleboard from Red Sail Sports and enjoy one of the most peaceful watersports Grand Cayman has to offer. Seven Mile Beach’s waters are unusually calm, making it a perfect place for beginners.

From a paddleboard, you can enjoy beautiful views of the palm-fringed shore and the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Looking down, you can spot tropical fish and stingrays in our clear waters. For an alternative peaceful water experience, try renting a kayak in Grand Cayman.

Four women in bikinis enjoy stand up paddle boarding in the ocean

4. Sail into Grand Cayman’s legendary sunset

Sunset is the most beautiful time of the day on Grand Cayman, and taking a sunset sailing trip is the best way to experience it. Breeze along the coast on a 65 ft catamaran on Red Sail Sports’ Cayman sunset sail

Other local sailing tours include sunset trips to Stingray City or, for those who want to sample local cuisine, try the Grand Cayman dinner cruise!

A catamaran sails in the ocean during a stunning sunset

5. Enjoy high-speed watersports in Grand Cayman

Start your day with an adrenaline hit with one of the many great highspeed watersports Seven Mile Beach has to offer. Learn how to waterski or wakeboard from an expert with Red Sail Sports’ Cayman water sports activities, or try the family favorite: the banana boat!

Two people on jet skis enjoying the crystal-clear blue water.

6. Try out Seven Miles Beach Cuisine

Seven Mile Beach is home to a diverse range of restaurants offering the very best in local cuisine. Try our delicious spiny lobster, a nourishing Caribbean curry, or a beachside barbecue. For snacking in the sun, don’t miss Grand Cayman’s fried plantains! 

Staying hydrated is super important with our perfect weather conditions, and the best way to hydrate is straight out of a freshly cut coconut. After an evening experimenting with Cayman cocktails (don’t miss our own signature Cayman Rumslide!) the coconut is your ticket to rejuvenation.

A person holding a mudslide drink in front of palm trees.

7. Visit the Cayman Turtle Centre

Just to the north of Seven Mile Beach is West Bay, where the Cayman Turtle Centre is located; an important research project and conservation facility. 

Did you know that Christopher Columbus called the Cayman Islands “Las Tortugas” because of the abundance of green sea turtles found here? Over time, turtle meat became such an important source of survival and income that the population dramatically reduced. 

The Turtle Centre was first created as an investment and commercial opportunity, but in 1983 it was transformed into a tourist and conservation project. Apart from green turtles, the center also features an aviary, a water slide, a reef lagoon for snorkeling, and a predator tank with reef sharks.

There is so much to do from Seven Mile Beach; as locals, we know we are spoiled for adventures. There is, of course, nothing wrong at all with simply lying down on our warm sands and taking time out to admire the lapping waves of the Caribbean Sea.

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