What Part of Grand Cayman Should You Stay In?

Grand Cayman, the largest of the three Cayman Islands, is a tropical paradise that offers pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a vibrant Caribbean atmosphere. But which part of Grand Cayman should you stay in on your next vacation?

When planning a trip to this enchanting destination, one of the key decisions is to pick a part of the island that suits you. With various regions offering unique characteristics and attractions, selecting the right part of Grand Cayman can greatly enhance your vacation experience. 

Let’s explore the different areas of the island to help you decide which part of Grand Cayman is the perfect fit for you. Wherever you stay, we hope you’ll swing by Rum Point Club to enjoy our 50-foot bar with views that stretch out into the ocean. Enjoy our creative cocktails along with exquisite local food that will surely make your mouth water  

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Stay on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman for Beachfront Bliss 

Seven Mile Beach, often regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, is a popular choice for visitors seeking a luxurious and picturesque stay. 

Stretching along the western coast of Grand Cayman, this crescent-shaped beach is lined with upscale resorts, beachfront condos, and a plethora of dining and entertainment options. 

Stay in this area if you want easy access to pristine white sands, turquoise waters, and a range of water sports activities. With its lively atmosphere and proximity to restaurants, shops, and nightlife, Seven Mile Beach is perfect for travelers who enjoy a bustling and vibrant ambiance.

Seven Mile Beach Accommodation options:

  • The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman: A luxurious beachfront resort offering elegant rooms, a spa, multiple dining options, and access to Seven Mile Beach.
  • Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa: A stylish and modern resort with spacious rooms, beachfront access, multiple pools, and a range of dining options.
  • Grand Cayman Marriott Resort: Located right on Seven Mile Beach, this resort features comfortable rooms, an oceanfront pool, a spa, and several on-site restaurants.
  • The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa: A Caribbean getaway beautifully situated on the prime oceanfront offering guest rooms with relaxing island-inspired designs, incredible views, and thoughtful amenities
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Stay in Georgetown, Grand Cayman Where History Meets Urban

As the capital of the Cayman Islands, George Town offers a mix of history, culture, and urban vibes. Located on the western side of the island, this vibrant city is home to a bustling waterfront, historic landmarks, duty-free shopping, and a diverse culinary scene. 

Stay in George Town if you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, explore historic sites like the Cayman Islands National Museum or the iconic Clock Tower, and indulge in retail therapy at the many shops and boutiques. 

The city also serves as the main cruise ship port, adding to its lively atmosphere.

Georgetown Accommodation options:

  • Hampton by Hilton: Just steps away from Seven Mile Beach, this contemporary hotel has first-class customer service, accessible rooms, and pet-friendly rooms alongside their standard rooms. There is also a pool and al fresco restaurant and lounge. 
  • Sunset House: Dive enthusiasts, look no further! This hotel is designed by divers, for divers and includes made-to-order breakfast and round-trip air transportation. Sunset House also has direct ladder access to the Caribbean Sea, perfect for underwater exploration at your leisure. 
  • Airbnb Rentals: If you want to stay in George Town but don’t want to stay in a hotel, Airbnb is always an option for independent travelers looking to save some costs and live like a local for their vacation. 
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Stay in Grand Cayman’s North Side for Serene Seclusion

For a tranquil and secluded getaway, consider staying in the North Side. Located on the northeastern coast of the island, this part of Grand Cayman offers a more laid-back and authentic experience. 

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area, with its unspoiled beaches, calm waters, and lush vegetation. Visit the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park to explore the local flora and fauna or head to Rum Point, a serene beach known for its crystal-clear waters and relaxing ambiance. 

North Side is the perfect choice for travelers seeking a quieter escape, away from the hustle and bustle of the busier tourist areas.

North Side Grand Cayman Accommodation options:

  • Ocean Paradise: These secluded luxury homes are great for families, friends, or couples. With stunning sea views, pools, and fully equipped kitchens, try this slice of paradise for your vacation.
  • The Retreat at Rum Point: Located on over 1,200 feet of pristine, sandy beach, each of the 23 available condos offers private balconies with panoramic views of the beach, cable TV, fully equipped kitchens, maid service, and much more. The condos are of different sizes, from one to three bedrooms.
  • Independent villas: On the North Side, you will find plenty of beautiful villas with ocean views. With private properties of various sizes, there is something for everyone. 
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Stay in East End, Grand Cayman for Adventurous Exploration 

Situated on the eastern side of Grand Cayman, East End is a haven for adventurous travelers and nature enthusiasts. This area is known for its rugged coastline, pristine beaches, and abundant marine life. 

Stay in the East End if you enjoy outdoor activities such as snorkeling, diving, and exploring nature trails. Discover the colorful coral reefs at sites like the famous Devil’s Grotto or embark on a kayaking adventure through the mangrove forests of the nearby Mastic Reserve. 

East End offers a quieter and more remote experience, with fewer crowds and a laid-back island atmosphere.

East End of Grand Cayman Accommodation options:

  • Wyndham Reef Resort Grand Cayman: A beachfront resort offering spacious suites, a pool, and access to fantastic snorkeling and diving spots in the area.
  • Morritt’s Resort: Featuring beachfront condos with kitchenettes, multiple pools, and a range of amenities, this resort offers a relaxing atmosphere in the East End.
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Ultimately, the best part of Grand Cayman to stay in depends on your preferences and the type of experience you seek. We hope this dive into the various areas in Grand Cayman has given you an idea about where you would like to stay on your vacation.

So, choose your ideal location and get ready to create unforgettable memories in this tropical paradise. If you’re thinking of staying in Rum Point, consider visiting us for a range of exciting and relaxing events, plus local delicacies! Just contact us for more information. 

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