What time of year is it best to visit the Cayman Islands?

Grand Cayman can offer a paradise vacation all year round, but depending on what you are hoping for, it is worth planning your dates carefully. At Rum Point Club we enjoy welcoming a great range of visitors, and their differing priorities have informed this blog. 

Some will want to plan the perfect time for diving, others for sunbathing, and others for exploring the island. Some love the buzz of the high season here, others prefer to travel at a quieter time. Below, we suggest the best time of year for a range of priorities.

If we haven’t covered your own unique priorities below, please get in touch with us; we’d love to help you plan your ideal time to visit our island. 

Best time for diving and sealife around Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is a year-round diving destination; this is because visibility is excellent year-round (averaging 110ft/30m) and the warm sea temperatures vary only from 26.5°C (80F) in February to 30°C in August/September.

Given this, keen divers might choose to avoid the busiest times of year, which are at the times of the US Spring Break (March-April) and at Christmas (December to early January). If rain doesn’t bother you too much, traveling during the rainy season is best to catch the greatest diversity of sea life.

For example, April through June is the time for the most prolific fish activity, and early summer is also the best for green turtles. To see coral spawning, visit in September, and during the period of the 16th of June as it is World Sea Turtle Day, when the Cayman Turtle Centre releases turtles ready to join the wild.

There is a great range of diving courses on the islands, from Grand Cayman’s specialist “Bubblemaker” introduction to diving for kids to PADI Rescue Diver courses in Grand Cayman.

A baby sea turtle walking on a sandy beach

The liveliest time to visit Grand Cayman

Any time between November and April is a great time to visit if you are looking for the real buzz of tourism on the islands. All hotels, restaurants, and tour companies will be at peak operating levels, especially during the US Spring or Christmas break. 

The reason for this peak is that the November-April dry season has low rainfall and perfectly comfortable temperatures (around 81F/27°C). This makes it easier to combine time on the beach with exploring the island and its wildlife.

If you are planning a visit in April, we recommend including the first week of May in your itinerary so as not to miss Cayman’s annual Batabano Carnival. This is a spectacular experience of color, costume, and music, with parades traveling down Seven Mile Beach.

Another local way to experience Grand Cayman’s lively spirit is during Grand Cayman’s annual Pirate Week in November. This is a really brilliant week for exploring the island’s heritage, as well as enjoying party nights, costume contests, music, fireworks, and delicious food. 

With tourist numbers and prices slightly lower than during the peak months, November is, therefore, the best month for families, if you can take them out of school for what will be both an energizing and educational experience.

A wooden treasure chest sitting on top of rocks

The most peaceful time to visit the Cayman Islands

Many come to the Cayman Islands for a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and some choose the islands for a special holiday, such as a honeymoon or babymoon. 

Grand Cayman’s lowest tourist numbers are during September and October. While the islands are still lovely at this time, be aware that temperatures can be hot and muggy. Although rain showers don’t last long, there is a small risk of hurricanes (satellites pick these up to give an advance warning). 

The other downside of traveling during the quietest times of September and October is that some hospitality and tour companies may close, so take care to check before you travel.

If you want to enjoy the Cayman Islands’ most perfect months weather-wise but want to avoid the crowds, we recommend you visit during the ‘shoulder seasons’ which includes the months of November, mid-January to February or May (but be aware of carnival in May and the pirate festival in November, as mentioned above).

If you do need to travel during the peak months of March or December, it is always possible to find a quiet spot on the sands, and many venues cater specifically to those looking for a more peaceful dining experience. At Rum Point Club, we specialize in the perfect romantic cocktail nights, and our local beach is also more secluded than many. 

A woman walking down a pier in the clear blue water.

Best time of year for watersports in Grand Cayman

The highest wind speeds on Grand Cayman are during the high season of November to March. Higher winds mean that some activities may be canceled for safety reasons, although they can normally be quickly rescheduled as companies are also at peak operating capacity.

To reduce your risk of high winds that might affect adventures such as Grand Cayman wakeboarding or trips to Stingray City Sandbar, the best months to travel are April and May. While lower wind speeds continue from June to October, this is also hurricane season which may affect watersports.

Two women riding jet skis in the ocean near a sailboat rental in Grand Cayman.

At Rum Point Club, we know that each traveler is unique, with unique needs, interests, and tastes, and we know that this blog can’t possibly answer all your questions. For customised travel (and cocktail) advice, do get in touch with us

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