10 Cool and Unusual Things to Do in the Cayman Islands

We know it can be very hard to leave the beautiful waterfront and beach of Rum Point Club! But Grand Cayman offers so many once-in-a-lifetime experiences that it’s absolutely worth venturing up out of the hammock. After a day of adventuring, join us again for a delicious locally sourced meal at Solis Restaurant.

With this guide, we list some of Grand Cayman’s more unusual attractions, including some that allow you to stay right here on the beach! Get in touch with us at Rum Point Club for tailored recommendations and advice on tours and snorkel hire.

1. Witness Grand Cayman’s incredible bioluminescence

The mesmerizing Bioluminescent Bay is around 10-15 minutes from Rum Point by kayak, and you can join a tour with Cayman Kayaks to see this natural wonder first-hand. 

In this breathtaking place, phytoplankton in the water emit a blue flash of light when disturbed; a feature used to scare off predators. When you dip an oar or paddle in the water, the water looks like it is briefly glowing.

Grand Cayman is one of the few places in the world to experience bioluminescence, but it’s important to note that tours don’t run on a constant basis.

Trips to the bay only operate at certain times of the month, in accordance with the lunar cycle. When the moon is out, it needs to be less than 11%. Any more and the bay is too bright to see the light.

And make sure to watch out for jellyfish in the summer!

Man enjoying Grand Cayman’s incredible bioluminescence off boat

2. Swim with stingrays at Stingray City

Grand Cayman is famous for these gentle sea creatures, and the geography of Stingray City allows humans a rare encounter with their underwater world. As you stand at the sandbar, you can feel them shimmying around your ankles — a friendly stingray greeting!

From Rum Point, you can board a sailing catamaran to Stingray City with Red Sail Sports, and the tour also includes snorkeling at a local reef (more on this next). For a uniquely peaceful stingray experience.

3. Snorkel Starfish Point

Just south of Rum Point is Starfish Point: a secluded beach with a  large starfish population that is becoming an increasingly popular attraction. The water around the beach starts shallow and then drops to around 10 ft, at which point you can see starfish all over the sandy floor.

Rent snorkel equipment from the Rum Point Watersports desk to make the most of this experience. Did you know that starfish can regrow their arms if they lose one; and a whole starfish may be able to grow out of a detached arm? Some starfish can even perform an intentional detachment of their arms to escape from predators.

4. Snorkel the Kittiwake Shipwreck

The USS Kittiwake started its life as a submarine rescue vessel. After being decommissioned, it began a new life as one of Cayman’s most famous dive and snorkel sites. 

At the wreck, you can swim through Cayman’s multi-colored underwater world, with dazzling parrotfish, butterflyfish, and the occasional sea turtle.

divers at kittiwake wreck

5. Jump aboard a Cayman Waverunner

For exhilarating speeds with dolphin-like poise, try your hand at a waverunner. Our sister company Tortuga Divers offers a waverunner tour in Grand Cayman’s East End complete with a snorkel safari.

And as of November 23rd, 2023, you can hop on a waverunner at Rum Point too!

Other fabulous watersports on offer in Grand Cayman include wakeboarding and waterskiing — all of which can be booked with Grand Cayman’s Red Sail Sports.

6. Explore Grand Cayman’s coastal blowholes 

The east end of Grand Cayman is dotted with blowholes: curious geological openings in the shoreline.

These create impressive geysers when the waves crash in and water shoots high into the air. It is also worth exploring the East End’s mangrove forests; some of the most important ecosystems on the planet.

7. Experience a Grand Cayman tension release massage

To top off the relaxation offered by our white sands and lapping waves, try the signature tension release massage at La Mer Cayman Spa. Therapists work deep into knots and pressure points, making use of hot stones that bring a sense of our beautiful coastline into the spa rooms.

Our top tip for massage anywhere: talk about what you want! A good therapist will always want to know what feels good and will want to tailor the massage to your needs. So don’t feel you have to stay quiet — even if it is super peaceful!

Massage Candles, and Flower

8. Take a Grand Cayman diving course

Grand Cayman is a fabulous place to learn to dive, with our unusual reefs and the sudden changes in water depth around the Cayman Wall. Near Rum Point, you can get hold of the world’s most popular scuba qualification: the PADI open water course. And you can also get your Open Water Dive Certification. 

Learning to dive is a great way to return from your holiday feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, wiser, and ready for the next adventure. Check out Tortuga Divers’ range of Cayman dive courses. All of which are not far from Rum Point. 

Diving lesson in pool

9. Try Cayman classic cocktails: the Rumslide and the Mudslide

The Mudslide was invented right here at Rum Point; a delicious treat made of vodka, coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and heavy cream. It was invented in the 1970s when a customer entered and asked for a White Russian, but the small thatched hut of the Rum Point Club had to replace that drink’s creamy base with Irish cream liqueur.

A lighter way to accompany your sunset is Rum Point’s more recent signature cocktail: the Rumslide. This is a blend of dark rum, Irish cream liqueur, and coffee liqueur, as well as our own secret ingredient!

Man and woman cheering on mudslide on the beach

10. Join a Freediving Course and Discover a Thrilling New Pursuit

If you’re not familiar with freediving, let Tortuga Divers introduce you to it! This exhilarating practice is a form of underwater exploration that doesn’t rely on breathing equipment like scuba tanks.

People are drawn to freediving for all manner of reasons, primarily because it offers so many benefits!

For some, it’s a competitive sport, while others see it as a cornerstone of an active lifestyle. Plenty of people simply see it as a fun hobby that’s as good for the health as it is fun and exciting.

Learning freediving from scratch, or transitioning from traditional diving, not only elevates breath control, but it also improves all-around confidence, enhances lung function, heightens overall body awareness, and sharpens water safety skills.

Swimming free of bulky equipment, you can glide effortlessly in a bubble-free environment, immersing yourself in the captivating underwater world.

Join Tortuga Divers on their freediving course in Grand Cayman and work with PADI-certified instructors to achieve your own Freediver Certification. 

Now you’re all set for a culturally rich, adrenaline-fuelled, and ecologically immersive vacation, why not get in touch with us to help put the final touches to your trip planning? We always enjoy sharing our love of this fabulous island.

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